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What our Customers say about us

Wyatt Allen, Real Estate Agent

“Thank you so much Chance & Brady for the top notch training along with the ensuing friendship we have developed! Highly recommend Arizona Paramotor to earn your wings.”

Steve Wilson, Retired F18 Pilot

“Brady and Chance provided amazing training…Having flown aircraft most of my life and been a flight instructor in the military…Without question, the Arizona Paramotor team is top notch.”

Paramotor Flight
McCade Emmett, College Student

“The sheer breadth of expertise combined with the skill of teaching the concepts of launching and landing is outstanding. I HIGHLY recommend learning to fly Paramotors with AP. Do it!”

Teaching students how to fly a paramotor is an exciting and rewarding experience.

However, safety is always our top priority. We begin each lesson by thoroughly reviewing the proper safety protocols and procedures, including how to properly use all of the equipment. Our instructors are certified and experienced pilots who will guide you through each step of the process, from takeoff to landing. As you progress through your training, we will continue to emphasize the importance of safety and make sure you are comfortable and confident before each flight.

“Star Wars Canyon” 2022 Verde River, AZ

We are dedicated to helping our students become successful paramotor pilots.

Our expert instructors will work with you every step of the way, providing personalized instruction and guidance tailored to your individual needs. We will start by teaching you the basics of paramotor operation, including how to properly launch, fly, and land. As you progress through your training, we will introduce more advanced techniques and maneuvers, helping you to build your skills and confidence.

We have a reputation for providing top-notch training to pilots of all levels. Whether you are an airline pilot, or you ride dirt bikes, or you just toil all day long at just about any life-draining occupation, Paramotoring will give you the best experience flight has to offer, and change the way you view living.

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  • Formal Teaching Syllabus
  • ASC Instructor and Tandem Certified and Experienced Instructors
  • Large, unobstructed areas to teach at
  • Safety Equipment and Checks
  • Best Selection of Gear available
  • Plenty of Reviews from prior students

Arizona Paramotor Training

 If you couldn’t tell already, we are passionate about Flying Paramotors. Aviation has been in our blood for many years, and we hope to pass that along to our students. We will teach you all the necessary skills needed to navigate the sky’s on long cross-country flights, short flights with friends, low flying, light wing-overs, and perform a plethora of launches and landings. If that’s not cool enough, we will fly with you for years to come on our fly-in adventures.