Introducing the latest Iris Infinity models for 2024. We achieved this through engineering and optimizing new parts for weight/strength and the whole unit for stiffness. Our paramotors come loaded with premium features as standard. No other units offer as much value as we pack into our machines.

Since 2020

  •  Articulating Metal or Carbon Arms
  •  Dudek Powerseat Light Harness
  •  Color Matched Accents
  •  Signature Two-Tone Colors
  •  Mechanical Offsets and Active Fins
  • Side Pocket + Reserve Container
  • 12L Fuel Tank (18L Upgrade)
  • E-Props Propeller Included
  • AustriAlpin Stainless Carabiners
  • Great Customer Service
  • Innovative Designs and Patented Inventions
  • High Quality, locally sourced parts and materials
  • Tested and proven Equipment
  • Expertise