The Skytap Spartan

The Spartan asserts itself as the Strongest and Safest Paramotor in its Class, featuring 400lbs Kevlar Netting and a Cage robust enough to support it. This is crucial in preventing Prop Strikes and mitigating injuries caused by contact with the Prop, incidents that occur frequently with other Paramotors. Moreover, the Cage’s strength significantly reduces the likelihood of part replacement and injury from ground contact.

Equipped with a Quick Release Harness, addressing the primary cause of fatalities – drowning. Not only does this enhance safety, but it also enhances comfort and convenience for ingress and egress. With 10 inches of crumple zone beneath the pilot for spinal protection, it offers an additional layer of safety. Furthermore, it comes standard with a Pistol Grip/Trigger throttle, the sole throttle equipped with a safety feature. It’s highly customizable with various engines, colors, throttles, harnesses, and numerous other options. Accommodating up to a 135 CM Prop, it boasts the best weight-shift in its class, incorporating articulating arms and side-to-side weight shift with spacers. Additionally, it includes Anti-Torque Swing Arms as a standard feature.

Numerous options are available.

As a U.S.-based company, the owner can be directly contacted for questions and support by dealers or direct customers.

6 years

Aluminum frame, crumple zone, strong and durable aluminum tubing. Kevlar netting

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