We’re training foot-launching and trike-launching Powered Paraglider Pilots using non-traditional modules– meaning it’s tailored to you and segmented 4-hour blocks of time instead of a set bootcamp week.

People usually don’t have time in their busy lives to dedicate a large block of consecutive days that span a full week or two for training… because who has that amount of time to take off work?

And what if the weather doesn’t cooperate when that training week happens? We’ll train and charge you in 4-hour blocks of time through each month. If you miss one of the classes this month, then attend the next one.

Purchase as many or as little 4-hour blocks of time you like to meet your needs. If you were to purchase enough blocks for a full course, your final cost would still be less than all the rest of the trainers in Arizona. And we won’t push any particular brand of paramotor or wing for you to buy. We’ll provide the information we know about many products, but want you to choose what you think is best for you. It’s totally up to you. Our training modules and 4-hour blocks can be purchased at AZPARAMOTOR.COM, where you can view our courses: The Beginner course, Rolling Ace course, and the occasional advanced Badass course.

So come meet our team: Brady Smith, Chance Waite, and Scott Ritchie (for the advanced course), and earn your wings today! Sign up for a course on our Training page or call us at (480) 788-0351.

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